Judging Criteria
Our expert independent judges will pick the best app submitted to their category by scoring on three criteria from 1-5. Two of the criteria are shared across all categories (Uniqueness & User Experience), and one will be unique to the category.

The highest cumulative score in each category will be the winner, the second highest, second place, the third highest, third place. Ties will be broken at the judge's discretion.
Criteria for All Categories
Uniqueness or innovative:
  • Are there other readily available apps that I can accomplish the same result with? Does the app allow the user to accomplish something new? Does the app have a unique or new business model?
Overall User Experience:
  • Is the app easy to use? Does the interface make sense? Is it easy to get started and setup?
Lightning - Most Creative Use of Lightning
Importance of Lightning to the App:
  • Is Lightning a critical component of the app? Does the app use a payment model that would much more difficult or impossible with a traditional payment gateway
    Dapp.com - Most Useful Daily
    Daily usefulness:
    • What are the types of apps you can't live without? What apps do you find yourself using multiple times a day? Which app would have the highest impact on your daily life if it went away?
    DevPost - Most Dappy
    Importance of Decentralized Nature to App's Value Prop
    • Are there functions, features, or value propositions available in your app that couldn't be duplicated in a centralized application? Is the core value proposition something that hinges on the application being decentralized? Does this dapp use a business model made possible by crypto or decentralized architecture?
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