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Welcome to the Age
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We no longer have to trust large companies to respect and protect our personal data. Push a new era forward by building Blockstack apps that Can't Be Evil. $15,000 in cash prizes, plus special experiences and swag are up for grabs!
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It takes less than 60 minutes to learn how to build with Blockstack. Work in your favorite front-end language.
Contest Opens
July 18th, 2019
Early Submission Bonus Deadline
August 8th, 2019
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Final Deadline, Entries Due
August 28th, 2019
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Winners Announced
~ September 12, 2019
Decentralization and Digital Rights
Can't Be Evil: Part 2
Join Blockstack in moving the internet forward! We're looking for developers & entrepreneurs that want to help end data breaches, predatory ad models, and the commoditization & abuse of individuals' digital identities. Enter the 'Can't Be Evil' contest by submitting an app that is private by default, leaves the user in full control of their data, and protects their fundamental digital rights. In other words, submit a Blockstack app and take your first steps into a growing ecosystem that is flipping the status quo on its head.
How It Works
Register on DevPost
Build a Blockstack App
Submit to App Mining
Enter by August 8th to receive a $500 bonus, you can continue to work on your app before the final deadline!

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You can win in up to two categories with a single entry.
Best Lightning Enabled App
Brought to you by Casa Founder and CEO Jeremy Welch, this category is looking for the most creative use of the Lightning Network in your app.
Best App Coded by Female Developer
Judged by Katherine Wu, crypto law thought leader and most recently Director of BD for Messari. She will choose the best app coded by a female or non-binary developer.
Most Delightful
Brought to you by ProductHunt, the top app in this category will be determined by founder Ryan Hoover. He will choose the app that has the most enjoyable 'A-ha' moments.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes are awarded for all 3 categories
1st Prize
Awarded once in each category
  • → $5,000 cash
  • → Ongoing App Mining Payments According to Rank
  • → Free tickets to the upcoming Blockstack Summit 2019, including round trip airfare and lodging covered by Blockstack.
  • → Blockstack Swag Package (includes a backpack, t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and stickers).
2nd Prize
Awarded once in each category
  • → $500 cash
  • → Ongoing App Mining Payments According to Rank
  • → Blockstack Swag Package (includes a backpack, t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and stickers).
  • or
  • → Ongoing App Mining Payments According to Rank
  • → Alienware Aurora R7 Gaming PC
3rd Prize
Awarded once in each category
  • → $100 (awarded via Visa gift card)
  • → Ongoing App Mining Payments According to Rank
  • → Blockstack Swag Package (includes a backpack, t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and stickers).
Studio Headphones
When we first checked out our new headphones, we noticed the box said 'improved bass by cool. We had to wonder, is this marketing jargon, or the real thing? But it only took a moment to realize that bass was not kidding.
Sonos One (Gen 2)
The smart speaker for music lovers
Sonos plays all the most popular streaming services, on-demand Internet radio, your favorite podcasts and audiobooks, your go-to collection of downloads – whatever you love to listen to.
A streamlined straightforward roll-top
A straightforward roll-top, its pocketing effective, laptop protection legit, and on-bike comfort and visibility for real. We love its streamlined look and straightforward philosophy.
Blockstack Hoodie
Flex fleece (50% polyester / 50% cotton fleece) construction
Blockstack T-Shirt
A classic tee!
  • 3.7 oz., 50% polyester, 25% ringspun cotton, 25% rayon
  • Polyester retains shape, cotton comfort and rayon makes for a unique texture
  • Superior screen printing results
Ryan Hoover, Founder & CEO, Product Hunt
Most Delightful
Ryan Hoover is the Founder of Product Hunt, the place to discover and launch the next big thing in tech. He is also the Founder and investor of Weekend Fund, an early stage venture fund. Fun fact: Product Hunt went through Y Combinator in Summer 2014, the same batch as Blockstack.
Katherine Wu, Previously @ Messari
Best App Coded by Female Developer
Katherine is a passionate player in the crypto industry, specifically where it meets with the worlds of public policy and legal perspective. She was previously the Director of Business Development for Messari, after having done stints at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bank of China.
Jeremy Welch, Founder & CEO Casa
Best Lightning Enabled App
Jeremy Welch is the Founder & CEO of Casa, the best personal key system on the planet, and maker of the Sats App. With prior experience in product and engineering at Google, Jeremy's mission is to give crypto owners full control of their digital assets while minimizing the risks of loss.
Email [email protected] if you don't see an answer you need!
Am I eligible?
You must build and submit a new Blockstack application to be eligible. If you've never registered your app for App Mining powered by Blockstack and App.co, you're likely eligible to compete. To win, you must submit your application to the App Mining program. Please see the full eligibility requirements here.
What's the deal with the early deadline?
If you submit by August 8th at 11:45pm EST, we'll give you a $500 cash bonus. You will still be able to continue working on your app until the final August 28th deadline as well! If you've attended an MLH hackathon where Blockstack was a sponsor, you are only eligible for the bonus associated with that event.

The $500 bonus will paid after final submission in the contest and after you're app has completed 3 months in the App Mining program.

→ Submit
Can I win in multiple categories?
Yes, you can win any place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in up to two of the three categories. For example, you could win 1st prize for 'Most Delightful' and 2nd in 'Best Use of Lightning'. You could also win the top prize in two categories, 2nd place in two categories, or any combination. If you place in more than 2 categories, your top two placements will be taken. One entry per person.
Can I compete if I'm already in App Mining?
Yes, but it must be an original application, meaning it cannot be an app that provides the same function or value to its user as the one you are entered in App Mining with. If you have a more specific question on this, please contact [email protected].
Are there any other requirements for my submission/app?
Yes, apps submitted to the Can't Be Evil Contest must qualify for App Mining, so the submission requirements for that program, as displayed below, must be met. Learn more about App Mining.

Requirements: Your app should integrate Blockstack authentication for logging into your app. Your finished app should be available to the public for use. The application must use a registered domain name and the app should be hosted at a URL belonging to the domain. The app website must use a secured (https) connection.
What is App Mining?
Traditionally the term mining in cryptocurrency refers to the process of contributing compute resources to the network and earning a reward. In the Blockstack Ecosystem, instead of just mining through computation, developers mine by building apps and the Blockstack community funds them simply for being pioneers in the emerging Blockchain software market.

We believe App Mining represents a revolution in app funding, allowing small teams to bootstrap without advertising or venture capital. Each month, qualifying apps compete for funding. Qualified apps are evaluated and ranked by expert app reviewers. The better your app, the higher payout you earn.

April's run paid applications $100,000 USD, including $20,000 to Graphite, $16,000 to Gladys, and $12,800 to Recall. More on App Mining.
Register on Devpost
Step-by-step instructions and much more will be available after you register on Devpost.
Joining you in defending digital rights