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#DeleteYourDebt, Own Your Future
Blockstack PBC is launching a campaign to educate students and others about Web 3.0 technology.

Delete Your Debt will pay off a student loan debt in November, up to $60,000/person. Entering is as easy as visiting and signing up for a free Blockstack ID. Entering once makes you eligible for all drawings.
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Here are the resources you'll need to get started easily, but there's always more help available. Don't hesitate to email us or join us on Slack or the Forum!
Build with Blockstack & Win
$1,000 goes to the winning team that builds with Blockstack along with Blockstack merch!
Build a Blockstack app that lets you track malicious/abusive users online, and shadowban them from all apps you use.
Build a Blockstack app that lets you share and endorse news while shadowbanning trolls and fake news outlets.
Health: Build a Blockstack app that lets you partially disclose medical information to doctors, families, friends. Or, build a Blockstack app that lets you track, store, and share your fitbit/health data with only trusted sources.
Use Blockstack to build an app that helps you find good restaurants in your area, or Use Blockstack to build an app that lets you aggregate news and comments or Design a network that is advanced by digital property and data ownership.
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