Be a leader in the community that is reshaping the future of the internet
We empower and support our evangelists around the world in individualized ways, how can we support you and your blockchain or decentralized web community?
How you can work with us
Become an evangelist
The first step is simply for us to meet you and learn more about you. We'll work with you to understand what you want to do in your community and how we can support. Get started
Do good stuff
We simply want to empower you to do good things in your community. If that means sending you some resources, getting some time with the technical team, paying for your ticket to an event, we have you covered! Let us know what you want to do
Tell us how things went
We all hope to build the community and part of that will be measuring your impact on it. Not only so we can reward you from time to time, but so that we can continue to invest more resources in your actions!
There are so many ways to help spread the word in your community, so we want you to tell us what you'd like to do and just keep doing it. We're here to help you keep doing the things that are working. Just tell us a little about yourself to get started!
Meet the Blockstack Evangelists
Everyday, Blockstack evangelists are helping educate and build community around the decentralized web movement.
Dan Trevino
Portland, OR, USA

Gabrielle Micheletti
Miami, Florida, USA
Loc Nguyen
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Yannis De Cleene
Antwerp, Belgium
Shane Reiser
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Christopher Porter
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Reed Schlesinger
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Kathyrn Koshinski
Austin, Texas, USA
Omar Massoud
Tokyo, Japan

Shankarganesh PJ
Bangalore, India
Friedger Müffke
Brussels, Belgium
Gerald Nah
Michael Pagels
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Srinivas Anala
Bexleyheath, England
Ron Stewart
Atlanta, GA, USA
Alex Kosenkov
London, England
Hasan Ozdemir
Berlin, Germany
Cesar Moreno
Madrid, Spain
Daan Lockhorst
Berlin, Germany
Leeho Lim
Berlin, Germany
Murali Duvvuru
Bangalore, India
Ben Orozco
Monterrey, Mexico
Mary "Maggie" O'Brien
Boston, MA, USA
Khristina Sheer
Miami, FL, USA
Sukru Day
Izmir, Turkey
Layman Su
Shenzen, China
Daniel Mathon
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Matt Davis
San Francisco, CA, USA
Christoph Bretschneider
San Francisco, CA, USA
Andrew Gamay
Tagbilaran City, Phillipines
Lip Han Pang
Kitsana Dounglomchan
North Pole
Subhashree Mohanarengan
Chennai, India
Colin Dismuke
Katy, Texas
Kasey Pasqualini
Hollywood, FL
Jean-Christophe Finidori
Paris, France
Elizabeth Wenner-Ishiyama
Tokyo, Japan
Forrest Colyer
Washington, D.C.
Hakan Yildirim
Eskisehir, Turkey
Arvin Donner
Columbus, Ohio
Travis McCormick
West Jordan, Utah
Paul Hoze
Tucson, Arizona
Mehmet Köse
Antalya, Turkey
Hayri Yiğit
Yozgat, Turkey
Chris Verhoef
Amstelveen, Nederland
Val Repsys
Vilnius, Lithuania
Gerald Muriuki
Nairobi, Kenya
Kenneth Goh
Singapore, Singapore
Aman Kedia
Kolkata, India
Yann-Aël Le Borgne
Brussels, Belgium