August 15th - December 15th
About the Tour
Blockstack is hosting a global speaker series featuring thought leaders and luminaries discussing and presenting on key topics related to decentralization, the new internet, dapps, censorship, token economies, and more. The tour will feature some of the biggest names, projects, and people discussing the most important ideas, problems, and opportunities in our rapidly changing world. We'll be making stops in cities around the world and want to meet you!
Check individual events for specifics on which speakers and guests will be at each stop.
Justin Hunter
Avthar Sewrathan
Richard Adjei
Felix Madutsa
Megha Rajagopalan
Alex Gladstein
What they'll be discussing:
Potential impact of decentralization in our daily lives
Impact of decentralization in niche communities
Why decentralization?
Importance of Layer 2
Why do we need decentralized storage and networks?
How do decentralized technologies address our needs?
Web 3 and Decentralized App
The meaning of True Data Ownership
Social networks in a Decentralized World
Why building on Blockstack is more scalable than other Blockchain-based platforms
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